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Subject: [AMPS] 3-500Z
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Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 17:04:26 -0700
>Is the 500mA limit one imposed on safe conditions for the anode, or for the
//  Neither.  The 3-500Z has a linear peak-emission limit of c. 1.2a.  
This corresponds to c. 400mA average.  Initally, the 3-500Z had a rating 
of 350mA.  This was later increased
to 400mA.  

>The question is based on SOA regarding Pdiss; I run my AL80B at all sorts of
>(intermittant) high current levels but without exceeding 500W dissipation,
>seems to take it very much in stride for the past 10 months of
> apparent change in anything:
//  On CW or FM, this will probably fly ok.  On SSB, driving a 3-500Z 
above 400mA could result in a surprise tar and feathering at a hamvention 
or flea market.  

>600mA @ 2600V = 1560Wdc input; output (measured) = 1100W; apparent
>efficiency 70%, apparent Pd = 460W (realizing some drive power appears in
>the output).  Under these condx the amp is just hitting a small amount of
>compression (<1 dB) but with more drive the output will continue to climb;
>problem is Ig, which gets hard to keep below 150mA when you drive it too

//  The grid diss is rated at 20w,  150mA x 85V  is way under 20w.  
>What, exactly, is the issue?  Does Eimac even still manufacture a 3-500Z?
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>> 2 (Rich) wrote:
>> > //  (ref SB-1000 and AL-80 owners' manuals)
>> > When challenged on his assertion that the 3-500Z was re-rated by Eimac
>> > for 500mA 
>> I don't know why this keeps coming up, but the SB-1000 and AL80B manuals
>> talk
>> about running the plate current up to 500 ma for a short period during
>> tuning
>> only, so that you can tune the tank for the peak conditions that will
>> occur
>> during SSB use.  They specifically say that you should reduce drive in CW
>> to
>> give you 400 ma., and make reasonabale statements about the meter swing
>> you
>> should expect on SSB.
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