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[Amps] Fw: Tuner inductor

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Subject: [Amps] Fw: Tuner inductor
From: "Gene Bigham" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 16:22:57 -0500
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Subject: Tuner inductor

I also have a Henry 2 K Classic, it is the X version. 

Some time ago, I asked the same question, the roller gets sticky in the sweet 
spots, or squeaks.

I got a little dab will do you from Palstar as I had purchased an AT4K from 
them and they use a lube on their roller inductor too.  That worked about a 
year, then as it collected dust got worse again.  This stuff is black.

I also requested some when I ordered what I was told was the last roller 
inductor from Henry for the 2 K Classic, although you might give them a call 
and see if they have found any more.  They sent a small packet of the grease 
they use.  This stuff is more grease like looking.

Best of luck, that is the only draw back I see to the Henry 2K design.  I have 
often thought about changing the plate caps to a vacuum variable after logging 
the postion of the roller inductor for all bands at both high and low plate 
voltages for SSB and CW settings.  That would probably make this an awesome and 
more easily tuned amplifier, even if one had to go to soldered connections to 
the roller to a band switch instead of the switched plate tune caps.

Just rambling thoughts.  A great amp otherwise.

Gene Bigham  KB0GU
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