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[Amps] Q and Resonance

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Subject: [Amps] Q and Resonance
From: Bill Fuqua <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 09:45:15 -0400
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   This is a bit off the topic of "AMPS" but is related to building your 
own equipment.

   I had been teaching ham radio classes for many years. Can't remember 
when I started.  I have received the new ARRL technician's license manual 
and was surprised how little technical information was in it. Yesterday I 
downloaded the new question pool  and searched it only to by surprise find 
there are no references to resonance in it at all. Not a word. Inductance 
is only in it once but only as a wrong answer to a question having to do 
with resistance. Many of the "technical questions" only have to do with how 
to operate  a transceiver, which should be in the instruction manual 
anyway.   There are questions about what the tuning knob is used for, what 
the function button does etc.
I don't know why I should even teach a technician's license class anymore. 
What is the point. Maybe just continue to teach the code for now... until 
that is eliminated.
    A technicians class license gives the holder the privilege to design, 
test and construct transmitters and amplifiers. One concern is that this 
privilege may be taken away.  And this privilege could be taken away from 
amateur radio all together  if the other class license question pools are 
dumbed down similarly.

"Technician Class License" is a oxymoron.

Bill wa4lav

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