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Re: [Amps] Q and Resonance

Subject: Re: [Amps] Q and Resonance
From: "Will Matney" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 12:18:48 -0400
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Back when they had the novice class, I always figured the tecnician class 
needed to be more technical as for repairing radios than did the novice. How 
can one be a technician if they do not know electronics or how to work on one? 
Since they did away with the novice, are they saying it's ok to be dumb but be 
a technician? That's a sure route to get someone killed by HV in an amp or tube 
type transceiver if they know nothing at all.



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On 6/28/06 at 9:45 AM Bill Fuqua wrote:

>This is a bit off the topic of "AMPS" but is related to building your 
>own equipment.
>   I had been teaching ham radio classes for many years. Can't remember 
>when I started.  I have received the new ARRL technician's license manual 
>and was surprised how little technical information was in it. Yesterday I 
>downloaded the new question pool  and searched it only to by surprise find 
>there are no references to resonance in it at all. Not a word. Inductance 
>is only in it once but only as a wrong answer to a question having to do 
>with resistance. Many of the "technical questions" only have to do with
>to operate  a transceiver, which should be in the instruction manual 
>anyway.   There are questions about what the tuning knob is used for, what 
>the function button does etc.
>I don't know why I should even teach a technician's license class anymore. 
>What is the point. Maybe just continue to teach the code for now... until 
>that is eliminated.
>    A technicians class license gives the holder the privilege to design, 
>test and construct transmitters and amplifiers. One concern is that this 
>privilege may be taken away.  And this privilege could be taken away from 
>amateur radio all together  if the other class license question pools are 
>dumbed down similarly.
>"Technician Class License" is a oxymoron.
>Bill wa4lav
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