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Re: [Amps] IM distortion and such

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Subject: Re: [Amps] IM distortion and such
From: "Tom W8JI" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 11:45:31 -0400
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73, Tom W8JI
----- > guess the question is Why does Amerritron say you 
can drive  the tube with up to
> 130 watts?  And, if one does do that, is that 
> "overdriving it"??  With all
> things being equal I think my 100 watts RF is  the same as 
> anybody elses
> (strickly speaking) and not considering  cleanliness.
> Since I do not have 130 watts available I don't know just 
> what would  happen.
> Does anybody?

I don't remember how it would do at 130 watts drive.

My ~20 year old AL1200 measures about -33dB PEP third order 
and -42dB fifth order with 175 watts PEP drive when 
optimally tuned for lowest IM.
I wouldn't run it that way though.

73 Tom


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