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Re: [Amps] Ideal bandswitch brand for 3 kW out am?

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Ideal bandswitch brand for 3 kW out am?
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Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 10:51:25 -0500
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Concerning the calibrated spark gap: Is this consistent to what I've seen in
the Henry Plasma Gens? On the 3cx3000a7 RF gens they incorporated two
aluminum half spheres with a small air gap between them. One of the half
spheres was connected to ground and the other to the tube anode. What would
be the formula to calculate the gap between the two? I'm sure it's based on
operation frequency, so this brings up another question. Would a spark gap
protect components on 160 as well as 10 meters??? Also, would this protect
the tune cap and bandswitch both? Would the load cap be protected to any
extent? I'm full of questions today.....

Larry N5BIP

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> We couldn't possibly know the ideal bandswitch anyway based
> only on mode, frequency, and power.
> There isn't enough information.
Good point.  As a rule of thumb, the bandswitch needs to have a  
comfortably higher BDV than that of the Tune-C, and the Tune-C needs  
to have a BDV slightly higher than the anode's DC supply. The idea  
here being that an arc at an air variable cap is no big deal, but an  
arc at a bandswitch is.   Also, vacuum-variable caps do not tolerate  
arcs well, so they need to be protected by an external, calibrated  
spark gap.
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> 73 Tom
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