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Re: [Amps] Jennings and Kilovac vacuum relays for sale

Subject: Re: [Amps] Jennings and Kilovac vacuum relays for sale
From: W0UN -- John Brosnahan <>
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2007 21:10:50 -0500
List-post: <>
At 19:47 07-07-07, wrote:
>There are 2 rows for each comparison in GIAVAC site.  Upper row is 
>voltage and lower row is current.  Look at column headings in the 
>GIGAVAV table. I know, it is easy to miss this info. GH1, RJ1, HC1 
>are same ratings.
>Arne N7KA

>If you look at the legend at the top of the column you will
>see that the top figure is voltage and the bottom figure is
>amps.  The relays are rated exactly the same and the six I
>have used work fine.
>Bob  W6VY


Well, I DID look very closely and since the operating voltage is 
high-lighted in
YELLOW and only ONE of the ratings is high-lighted in yellow then I would
have to believe that the other columns are NOT voltage and that each 
of the two
ROWS correspond to each relay.

I am SURE you are right, but the Specifications Table leaves a lot to be
desired.  If, in fact, the three gray columns at the top are actual 
voltage ratings
then they ALL should be in yellow!

Reminds me of a poorly designed rental car we had in Alaska last 
month.  I believe
it was a GM product.  There is ONE slide switch for both Trunk UNLOCK 
and Door LOCK.
But the nomenclature above the switch is not clear.  The Trunk UNLOCK requires
a slide and HOLD for some interval.  But if you don't wait the 
interval then nothing
happens.  So if you then try the other position it looks the doors.  Better not
slam the door shut in frustration at that point -- especially if you 
have the keys

I will repeat my comment -- "that the Gigavac relays APPEAR to be 
rated for much less
RF current" -- precisely because the entire row is not high-lighted in YELLOW.

Of course it makes SENSE that the three relays have comparable 
ratings -- but that
is not the way the table appears with only ONE box in yellow!

So we are all correct!       ;-)    John  W0UN

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