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That so called safety bar has been the cause of many SB220 failures. That 
short often takes out the zener ZD1, R-3 and the PS diodes. Ive also seen 
the gid chokes RFC-4 and RFC-5 open.
The first thing I would do is toss the MFJ box as it isnt necessary for the 
220. Inrush surge is kept to a safe amount by the design of the 

Check the items I mentioned and then try the amp directly into the wall 
outlet. If it works then leave it alone.

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>I am a newbee non technical novice. I bought a SB 220 . Changed the wiring 
>according to the manual from 110 to 240. Plugged linear into a mfj soft 
>start plug and blew a fuse in mfj box.( power off on linear whole time) . 
>Inspected the linear and discovered that the interlocking spring was 
>hitting the metal spacer mounted on the feedthrough insulator.?Adjusted the 
>phenolic spacer and made sure spring pushed away and clear.? Still blew a 
>fuse in mfj soft start box....can anyone help me here? not sure what to do 
> thx W1RAB
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