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Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 11:17:16 GMT
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Offering a heavy duty cycle, dedicated one call , one contact, metered 
6m 1KW+ output amplifier (35W drive) with a brand new, single 3-500 
Taylor tube. Custom wound hvy dty transformer and solid state full 
wave bridge power supply produces 3400VDC plate voltage w/Nichicon 
filter capacitors and Dale bleeder resistors. Zener controlled bias. 
Features step start power up and a 12VDC antenna relay changeover 
circuit compatible with any solid state exciter. The complete amp is 
quality built into a mint,small footprint, table top Drake L4B 
cabinet. Front panel tuned input control for perfect 1:1 input SWR. 
Extremely broad banded when chasing DX requiring no retuning within a 
1mHz window. 220VAC primary. $1150. Prefer pickup but will ship for 
net cost to purchaser utilizing the UPS Store special packing 
procedures that combine my initial rigid foam packing with their 
double boxing. 

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