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>From a British Standard point of view, there is only one reason for having 
fuses in the supply lines to an equipment : to prevent fire and shock 
hazards as a consequence of shorts in the cord or inside the equipment.  The 
fuse is not (as far as BS is concerned) to protect the equipment.  Which is 
why we have a 13A 240V fused wall plug over here for 'portable' appliances.


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> >I am a newbee non technical novice. I bought a SB 220 .
>>Changed the wiring according to the manual from 110 to 240.
>>Plugged linear into a mfj soft start plug and blew a fuse
>>in mfj box.( power off on linear whole time) . Inspected
>>the linear and discovered that the interlocking spring was
>>hitting the metal spacer mounted on the feedthrough
> If the power was off on the linear, as you say above, the
> fuse blowing has NOTHING to do with the interlock. You must
> have a wiring problem.
> Before doing anything more measure the resistance from the
> power cord pins to the chassis of the amplifier. It should
> be infinite with the power switch off or on.
> This is because all good designs do not connect any part of
> the primary circuit to the chassis.   :-)
> You need to learn why the fuse blew with the amplifier off.
> This is almost certainly a wiring issue, or perhaps an
> unintentional short.
> THEN, only after you fix that, it is time to worry or ask
> about other the interlock.
> 73 Tom
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