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[Amps] Fast 200 Watt Relay

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Subject: [Amps] Fast 200 Watt Relay
From: "Phil & Debbie Salas" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 06:43:17 -0500
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"Which makes me ask, what is the best high speed low power 
relay anyone has found?? Something suitable for 200 watts or 
less, but not a vacuum relay."  73 Tom 
Check out the Panasonic DS2-M-DC12V available from Allied Electronics.  It
is a signal relay used in telecom, and the contacts are rated at 3.5 amps.
Cost is only $3.09 each from Allied.  I use this as an input relay in an
external QSK switch (in the "Articles" section of, and I
paralleled two contacts so I could use this as an output relay for my
QSK-modded ALS-600 (in the "Equipment Modification" section of  Phil - AD5X

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