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Re: [Amps] Henry 2003 Filter for 20002A Amp

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Henry 2003 Filter for 20002A Amp
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Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 07:56:08 -0500
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The optional 3002 Filter is the Harmonic trap that goes after the amplifier.

I have a photo of one if you need to see one.

YOU WOULD KNOW IF YOU GOT IT.  Because it is 75% larger than a Drake
TV-1000LP filter.

It is the number 1 thing to get lost when a Henry 3000 series amplifier
sells and in this case when you bought your 2002A.  I didn't even get one
with my 3004 432 amp when I bought it NEW!!!  That's how they get misplaced
or lost.

They come in a shipping box about the size of an ICOM 746 when you buy the

I have 3002 - 3004 and 3006... but didn't uncrate the 432 for 5 years after
I bought it, no filter.


Well there is NO TUNING of these harmonic traps.  They ARE NEEDED to clean
up the outputs..  But if you don't have one you just don't have one.

The 3006 filter is really needed to clean up the 6 meter amp...  Both the 6
and 2 meter ones absorb about 100 watts when running the things.  They do
get warm...  The final tuning is different with or without.

They don't "install" they dangle on a hunk of coax.  I screw mine to my
wattmeters at my entrance panel and use a longer coax to the back of the amp
than what was provided.

SO there you go...  Did MR HAMFEST tell you you had 3002 filters installed?
Nice selling feature...  The thing is 1/8th the size of the whole amplifier.


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I picked up a 2002A 2-meter amp at a local swap and it works well. (Looks 
good too).
It has the optional 3002 filter installed but there is no mention of it in 
the manual other than a note that its been installed.
I'm looking for information on the construction and tuning of this filter. 
A few hours of searching archives  and Google has only turned up references 
to the name, but no real information.


Roger (k8RI) 

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