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Re: [Amps] Fast 200 Watt Relay

Subject: Re: [Amps] Fast 200 Watt Relay
From: Kevin LaHaie <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 09:46:28 -0700
List-post: <>
I have purchased, but not yet used, the D'Italia relays from Max Gain 

Anybody used these?  4ms make, 3ms release times, and a suggested 
minimum of 200 watt rating.  These also have a spare set of non-RF 
contacts which could come in handy.

Any experiences to share?  I am building QSK kits to upgrade my Henry 
amplifiers using these for switching, and RJ1A's for the RF, which I 
also purchased from Max Gain.

73 Kevin K7ZS

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