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Subject: [Amps] Re 200w fast relay
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Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 09:57:23 -0500
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But I not ask the question--I answered it.

73,   Roy    K6XK


The Mastushita RSD-12V relay works well for under 200W.  Note that in a 50 
ohm system, the current and voltage will be 2A and 100V RMS. Normally, you 
plan for peak (2.82A at 141V) and then double those for safety; therefore, 
5A at 300V will be plenty conservative at 200W.  T-storm survivability will 
drive the requirements higher.  I always disconnect so that I don't consider 
lightning or precip static.  If you run QSK, you must consider the coil 
current and time constant so that you do not shorten life by excessive "hot 

The term "RF" relay is now applied by any shady marketeer.  It used to mean 
something 15 or more years ago (silver plated contacts, transverse 
electomagnetic routing of signals thru the contacts) but it means nothing 

However, with the very compact designs, relay parasitics are generally a 
non-issue thru VHF.  At UHF, you can tune a frame relay with treating it as 
an inductor, and placing shunt caps on input and output making it a 50 ohm 
pi network.


Steve, K0SF

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Subject: [Amps] Re 200w fast relay

"Which makes me ask, what is the best high speed low power
relay anyone has found?? Something suitable for 200 watts or
less, but not a vacuum relay."

Replacements for OMNI-5, OMNI-6, Orion, etc. For QRO non-vacuum, replacement
for Centurion, Titan-2, etc. From Dolly.

73,   Roy   K6XK

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