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Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 08:31:36 EDT
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Admittedly, there is some predatory pricing on the part of  gasoline
retailers, i.e., setting different prices depending upon the  affluence of
the surrounding  neighborhood.


One of my clients is a manager in a local gas station.  The price of a  
gallon of gas at his gas station is about 10 cents or more higher at his 
than at the same "brand" gas station in the next town over.
He said that he pays more from "leading brand" gas company that the guy in  
the next town due solely on demographics.  For example a house in the other  
town might be 500,000, put it in his town where his gas is 10 cents more a  
gallon and its a MILLION dollar house.
So according to him, it is NOT him who sells the gas higher, it is BIG BLUE  
who charges him more.  Either way the consumer gets it up the  tailpipe.  Lou

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