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That's great in theory Lou, and has been tried several times.  We don't need
to move the gas prices 4 cents, we need to move them all at once 2 dollars!


Our President came into office determined to pay his debt to the oil mafia.
What did he do?  They refilled the USA oil reserves!  Created the shortage
and drove the prices through the roof!


This message needs to be sent EVERYWHERE.


The government needs to cut taxes.  I mean we need to operate the
governments on 25% total taxes.  Start adding up you taxes now.


CITY, STATE, Sales, real estate, excise, license fees , penalties, fines, it
goes on and on to about 50% of your income.


Needs fixed




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FYI, If we stopped purchasing fuel for 1 week.  The price would be $2.00 a

Bob, we don't have to stop buying fuel for one week and staying home.  It' s
easier than that.  All us US citizens have to do is BOYCOTT one gas company
a week.  For example,  If no one bought gas at Mobil for a full week but
bought gas at ANY other station, what would Mobil do?  I'll bet within 24
hours let alone one week, they would lower their prices AND when they do
everybody buys gas there and no where else.  This will force the other
companies to meet the lower price.  Done correctly we can start a domino
affect with downward spiraling gas prices.......BUT like you say we are too
stupid.  I see the local Mobil station busy as hell when the Getty station
right next door is 4 cents a gallon cheaper.  Go figure?  


I don't buy gas from Mobil at all.  Lou




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