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Re: [Amps] wanted suitable blower for 8877 tube

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Subject: Re: [Amps] wanted suitable blower for 8877 tube
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Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 22:28:38 -0400
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So if the larger one is used then by slowing it down just a bit would keep 
the tube cool and reduce the noise somewhat, correct?

Would it adequately handle two 8877's?


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Subject: Re: [Amps] wanted suitable blower for 8877 tube

>> How about using the Fan from the Ameritron AL-1500, I
>> think you can buy it
>> online from Ameritron, It works well and is pretty quiet
>> if you drop a
>> resister in line and slow it down a bit.  I think the part
>> is
>> Number is 410-3737.
> That blower is already at the minimum possible size with
> full line voltage for ICAS duty at 1500w output CW or SSB.
> If you add a resistor to "slow it down", you will not make
> safe airflow under almost any duty cycle.
> For heavy duty cycle applications Ameritron recommends the
> larger capacitor run blower, but no one ever likes it. The
> extra 20dB noise stops people from using it.
> When initially released the larger blower was used but about
> 2/3 of the amps were returned  because of noise, so the
> slower G2E085 was substituted.
> By the way, after trying dozens of blowers the EBM G2 series
> was the quietest blower for a given airflow. The impeller
> hub is actually the rotor of the motor.
> 73 Tom
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