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Subject: Re: [Amps] Questions about Amps/Tubes/Design
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 11:52:18 EDT
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I am  looking for a second amplifier.  I have some  questions....

1.  Why are there very few AL-82 amps for sale on  the used market?  Either 
they are turkeys or great amps.  I think  they might be a great amp.  2 x 
3-500Z is pretty simple.
The  AL-82 is a good amp, Al-1200 better and Al-1500 best
2.  Amp  Supply - are they any good and what is the pit falls with these 
amps.   Seem to be straight forward design.   Not a bad amp, but  hairy on the 
higher bands, simple

3.  I get a little  concerned about amps that use "ceramic" tubes.  My 
experience has been  with "glass" tubes like the 3-500Z.  I get a little 
as to the  availability to some of these tubes.  I know that some manufacturers 
have  gotten on the Russian tube band wagon and then the source seems to dry  
up.  I am concerned about the cost of re-tubing...the life of these tubes  
(could be years or decades I am sure) and what the deal is with the Russian  
tube vs Eimac thing is all about.  Why is there such a move to these  types of 
tubes?  Good ceramic tubes are 3cx800 and 8877's, there  are plenty of pulls 
around, no problem.  GS-35B Russian tube not bad  cheap.  Others less power 
harder to get.  You want  tetrodes???

I am just doing some research and asking  questions.

Lee - K0WA

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