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Re: [Amps] mounting (UHF) RF powermodules

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Subject: Re: [Amps] mounting (UHF) RF powermodules
From: Patrick Signs <>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 10:28:18 +0000
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Look on the internet on various sites explaining how to lap a CPU and heatsink. 
Same techniques can be followed here.  That is also assuming that your slab
of copper if reasonably flat to begin with.   These lapping techniques will 
absolute flatness on both surfaces.  Then dont forget your thermal compound.
Artic Silver V or simular product would be highly recommended.
Patrick /  N7IC
> Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 08:08:18 +0000> From:> To: 
>> Subject: Re: [Amps] mounting (UHF) RF powermodules> > 
> >>Expanding on those, any heatsink you buy will not > >> be flat enough 
> without machining, ideally with a large diameter > >> 'fly' cutter. You are 
> also looking for a good surface finish with > >> machining ridges barely 
> detectable with a fingernail. As well as > >> flat (50um or .001" over the 
> module area) clean is important.<> > > > Not sure that I would agree about a 
> fly cutter. Better than nothing, but I > > would prefer > > a horizontal 
> milling cutter. Alternatively, a face-and-end milling cutter. > > A large 
> slot drill > > might give a good enough finish.> > > > Another good way would 
> be to use a shaping machine.> > The choice probably varies with the machinery 
> available. Up to 6" > wide I get things skimmed on a single pass and they 
> give me a low > roughness finish. With end cutters or slot drills the finish 
> is > usually excel
 lent but there can be a tendency for tiny > steps/ridges between passes - I've 
learnt to specify that any > mounting area must be cut in a single pass.> > 
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