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Re: [Amps] Drake L7 in UK, any idea of value please?

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Drake L7 in UK, any idea of value please?
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Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 09:49:47 -0400
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I for one prefer to operate on 10 and 12M when its open and use the amp. Ive 
no use for the 75 and 20M zoo other than a new DXCC country or for contests.


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Subject: Re: [Amps] Drake L7 in UK, any idea of value please?

> Harold Mandel wrote:
>> Dear Tyrone,
>> The desirability of amplifiers with ten meters in the U.S. is probably
>> for CB operators wanting to tune up on 27.025MHz.
>> Most of the hams I know could care less about 10 meters, much less
>> go out of their way to get a linear amplifier operating there, but there
>> are exceptions to everything.
> Although rarely used I'd not purchase an amp that wouldn't work on 10
> and I don't know any serious DXer that would either.  Most, for those
> that know the procedures for the specific amps are easy to add 10.
> Actually I don't know of any ham amps that didn't have 10 meter
> capability.  It may have been simply locked out on new ones for a
> while,  but the coverage easily reactivated by most any ham.   My Alpha,
> Henry  2K4 and the new solid state amps all have 10 without requiring
> any mods and all meet FCC specs for 10 coverage/drive.  Most new amps
> now cover 10 again without requiring mods. IIRC The new Alphas still
> require the software lockout be changed which the factory will gladly do
> for hams.
>> Statistically, amplifier buyers in the Amateur Service are looking
>> for the best bang-for-buck, and would like to have a factory model,
>> all shiny and pretty, before something with no paint and dents.
>> When you think of the value of your Drake, look at it in a sales POV:
>> Is it shiny and beautiful, inside and out? Then it's a real collectible.
>> If not, it's a boat anchor. Even most old Collins gear are boat anchors.
> Boat anchors are the pride and joy for many of us Boat Anchor collectors
> and restorers.  Even a pristine SX115 is still considered a boat anchor
> even if the going price for those in mint condition is over three
> grand.  At least some of them are going for that .  Since the dot com
> bust they've been (on average) a little more realistic but still 
> expensive.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)
>> Are you suffering for cash? Then get rid of it at any price, fast. Time
>> goes
>> by at the speed of light, Tyrone, and boat anchors don't get any
>> prettier
>> without help.
>> Figure on the Law of Entropy: You roll an egg off the table, it
>> splatters.
>> Most of the time that's the way things go.
>> Getting boat anchors into the "Gem" class is akin to having a splattered
>> egg gather itself together, mold the shell back into an ovoid and jump
>> from the floor to the table. It could happen, but the odds are way
>> against it.
>> Hal
>> My original question to the list was asking for value of my L7 which I
>> am reluctantly thinking of selling - I am near London, UK.
>> Had another thought - as mine is an export model with 10 metres included
>> as standard does that increase its scarcity and desireability (and
>> value!)? :-)
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