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[Amps] Drake L7 in UK, any idea of value please?

Subject: [Amps] Drake L7 in UK, any idea of value please?
From: Tyron <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 21:48:42 +0000
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Hello Gentleman & Ladies if present!

I wonder if any of you might advise what I could reasonably expect to 
sell my working Drake L7 for in England? It has recent new caps and 
diodes plus modified glitch resistor and seems to be working well. It is 
in pretty good condition I would say but with some markings and 
scratches (by previous owner) around the load control scale.

Since I can remember I have had a love for radio and am a licensed UK 
Amateur. I have been collecting kit over many years but only using it 
occasionally and now find I have no time due to family plus other 
hobbies, etc. Also I find that money doesn't stretch far enough so sadly 
am considering selling all my gear - I'd love to lock it away in a 
cupboard really but we can't have everything can we!

I look forward to any advice, thanks in advance!

73 de Tyron, M1AQV
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