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Re: [Amps] Cleaning air-wound coils

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Cleaning air-wound coils
From: Ron Youvan <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 2010 09:13:40 -0400
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> How do you get the tarnish off of miniductor or airdux-type coils wound 
> with tinned wire?
> It's hard to get steel wool in between the turns!

   Steel Wool should never be used on wood or anything that you try to "pretty 
up" because 
you will put micro-slivers of steel in your project that will eventually rust 
and turn 
brown, even under varnish.  "Scotch-brite" is an abrasive plastic pad that is 
and does not have the above drawback.
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to help.
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