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Re: [Amps] Cleaning air-wound coils

Subject: Re: [Amps] Cleaning air-wound coils
From: Jim Barber <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 2010 13:39:19 -0700
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Good point, since the original question was about B&W coils.

What I don't know is whether the curing process would get the plastic 
hot enough long enough to matter. Standard polycarbonate (used in the 
B&W coil stock) has a short-term temp rating of 140C/284F . I suppose 
the answer could be found by baking an airdux or miniductor coil chunk 
in the oven at 400F for 20 minutes and seeing how well it survives. 
(about what it normally takes to cure small powder coating jobs)

There's also the air-cured exhaust coating (not powder) that requires no 
baking and is rated to 1700 degrees after 96 hours. It does require a 
spray gun, though, which is messy. It also leaves a satin finish, which 
to some might not be as attractive as gloss.

Just some ideas, not necessarily bullet-proof ones.

Jim, N7CXI

Carl wrote:
> How do you propose to keep the polystyrene supports from turning into a 
> puddle at 500F ?
> Carl
> KM1H
>> High-temp powder coating might be interesting to try as well.
>> Several powders are available that are good for over 500 degrees F after
>> curing. They're used on exhaust systems, ovens, etc. If the coil is
>> fairly heavy wire and well-supported where it doesn't flex much, the
>> only potential problem I can think of would be that any tap locations
>> would have to be worked out then the coil removed, coated, cured and
>> re-installed.
>> Also, Caswell is also a good source for brush plating supplies. Brush
>> plating is probably the least expensive (and certainly the cleanest) way
>> to do DIY plating of small parts, assuming you can reach everything with
>> the wand:
>> 73,
>> Jim, N7CXI
>> Carl wrote:
>>> Comet and a toothbrush.
>>> The problem is keeping it looking fresh without affecting 
>>> performance. Maybe
>>> a very light coat of clear acrylic if the RF doesnt get them too warm.
>>> If youre real talented maybe a fast dip in a solder pot after 
>>> cleaning or
>>> even silver plating.
>>> Carl
>>> KM1H
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>>> Subject: [Amps] Cleaning air-wound coils
>>>> How do you get the tarnish off of miniductor or airdux-type coils wound
>>>> with tinned wire?
>>>> It's hard to get steel wool in between the turns!
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