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Re: [Amps] Cleaning air-wound coils

Subject: Re: [Amps] Cleaning air-wound coils
From: Jim Barber <>
Date: Wed, 05 May 2010 10:11:35 -0700
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Based on everthing presented in this thread, then, at HF would a *very* 
thin layer of plated gold decrease performance in any significant way?
If not, that might be a long-term method to keep things shiny, anyway.

Jim, N7CXI

Larry Benko wrote:
> Thanks for the plug Dan.  I did the tests you mentioned primarily at 
> 28MHz a couple years ago.  Increasing the wire size 1 gauge is better 
> than silver plating assuming you have adequate spacing between the turns 
> so that the Q is not impaired by the turns being too close together.  I 
> still like painting the coil with high temp barbeque paint which had 
> absolutely no Q reduction and looks very cool.
> 73,
> Larry, W0QE
> Dan Zimmerman N3OX wrote:
>>> Has anyone done any tests on the comparative Q between Silver plated,
>>> enamelled and tinned wire coils?  I've always felt that factory
>>> enamelled wire stood a much better chance of retaining a good Q for a
>>> long time as the surface of the copper should still be pristine under
>>> the enamel.  The other question is how long the enamel will last if used
>>> at high temperatures.  Carbonised enamel is probably worse than
>>> tarnished tin!
>> W0QE found that there wasn't a substantial difference between shiny copper
>> and terribly corroded copper:
>> Metallic platings should be analyzed based on the skin depth of the plating
>> at the frequency of operation... if the plating is thin and the conductivity
>> is low, more current will just flow in the base metal.
>> W8JI had this to say about Miniductor stock, which I think is all tinned,
>> right?
>> "Miniductor-type coils have a surprising amount of Q for the wire size, and
>> maintain Q better as self-resonance is approached than larger coils.  "
>> I've heard others on this reflector suggest that silver or other fancy
>> plating is good to make the coils look pretty, and I would tend to agree
>> with that based on the evidence I've seen.
>> 73
>> Dan
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