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To: Patrick Barthelow <>
Subject: Re: [Amps] Uruguay Amp Project
From: Felipe Ceglia - PY1NB <>
Date: Fri, 07 May 2010 09:48:34 -0300
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This is not a CX privilege. Here in Brazil we have the same problem.

You cant just browse a website and ask for something you need. If items are 
heavy and expensive, its a budget nightmare to bring it in. High shipping 
and high taxes (sometimes up to 100% the product value, depending on shipping 

So, the way is to wander around junkyards and collect everything that seems 
would be useful for a QRO project. You end up with a love of junk in the attic 
(wives love it) and there are always some parts missing...



Patrick Barthelow wrote:
> Folks, 
> In the course of helping a YL build an amp in Uruguay, I am making progress, 
> but am amazed at the challeges faced by hams there, and probably other small 
> countries, who want to buy or build ham gear, particularly amps.  I found an  
> insider representative in the Uruguay broadcast tramsmitter industry who is 
> looking for spare broadcast transmitter parts, suitable for Amateur amps, 
> such as tubes, transformers, power supply parts, etc for this ham.
> He said, in the commercial TX world repairs or parts acquisition is difficult 
> and expensive, and a main vendor they rely on is Nebraska Radio Sales.  
> OUCH(!)  NRS seems to have insanely high prices on QRO RF components, at 
> least to me they seem high.  To add insult to injury this insider says every 
> purchase, say for a $1000 vacuum variable, or say a transformer has a $1000 
> (equal amount) dollar duty tacked on before he can bring it in. OUCH!  Says 
> there are a lot of solid state Broadcast TX there, but also a lot of older 
> tube transmitters, in the 1-10KW range as spares, backups so I am hopeful to 
> find the heavy parts for a power supply there, to save money...In the olden 
> days, here, the 4-400A was a common find if you trolled radio station 
> engineers for spares, probably not so much any more. 
> As to commercial ham gear I bet they also pay a super high tax on retail gear 
> brought in, so anyone in CX land on the air, has committed considerable 
> economic effort to do so.
> I wonder if this lady could find usable components in a junked 1KW microwave 
> oven for a power supply, diodes, or caps, transformer, etc?  The last 
> microwave oven that I took apart, had some hefty lookig HV diodes, and what 
> looked like a transistorized flyback style HV generator.   I will have to 
> look through arciived threads on the reflector here....
> Best Regards,   
> 73, de Pat Barthelow AA6EG
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