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Subject: [Amps] Uruguay Amp Project
From: Patrick Barthelow <>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 09:11:13 -0700
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Thanks all for your helpful contributions.  
What a brain trust we have here on the reflector.
So, if anyone in SA  has an Amp, homebrew or otherwise that they want to fix, 
or even donate, or sell to this effort in Uruguay, please get in contact, with 
If someone had a cooked amp in the US, and say, sent an old SB 220 or SB 200 
without the transformer or tubes, how would customs handle that?  Consider to 
be just parts? with minimal Duty? 
Any way the CX national ham radio body, (whatever their equivelant is to the 
ARRL) could work with Customs, to get special dispensation/waivers re Duty for 
ham equipement, due to ham radio being a national public service/Emergency 
communications  resource?
How would customs handle a Jiffy Pack envelope with the foam packing lining, 
etc, with small Used components,  Blocking Caps, Plate Chokes, Coax connectors, 
relays, bypass caps, or even a small box with tune or load caps?
I seem to have found an insider lead in the broadcast industry looking for me 
for the transformer or other P/S parts, and if I have success there, maybe I 
can help others with blown transformers.  I had a response from a Ham in 
Argentina who says there are parts, and expertise in transformer rebuilding in 
Buenos Aires.  Perhaps those with cooked B+ xfmers near BA could get them done, 
or get the parts required to do them at home, from the place in BA.


If you have an open frame B+ transformer, that cooks, how hard is it to 
disassemble, and rebuild for a ham at home? 

Where is the Customs, or border entry, for someone travelling to Salto, 
Uruguay?  A car trip between BA and Salto would run up the river in Brazil I 
guess, then cross over somewhere.  Probably a Customs station there... 

My optimum solution will be to find a SB 220 or SB 200 Sans Transformer or 
Tubes, in or Near Uruguay.  I could probably come up with tubes, and maybe a 
locally sourced transformer.

Best Regards,   
73, de Pat Barthelow AA6EG

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