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Re: [Amps] Alpha 78 Labels/upgrades

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Alpha 78 Labels/upgrades
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Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 21:56:02 +0700
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The bulbs are mounted in sockets on the power supply pcb directly behind the
meter movements. Once you have sourced the correct bulbs they are a simple

On my 78 I have the meter shunt set so the meter reads half of the actual
plate current. I have never seen or heard of a scale being made to go over
the original one. It would be a little difficult as the meter is not like a
lot where the scale plate is replaceable, it is in fact an integral part of
the meter and the scale is (sort of) etched into the plastic. 

The switches are not illuminated. The idea of the shuttered colour bars
would seem to be to avoid the need for illumination.

Enjoy the 78 it's still a great amp despite its limitations. Full break in,
and almost silent to boot, plus the no tune mode make it an, almost,
foolproof kilowatt.

Martin, HS0ZED

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Subject: [Amps] Alpha 78 Labels/upgrades

I used a 78 for the first time this past weekend. Quit ehte machine.

The bulb in the left (Plate) meter is out. Is hte bulb in and of itself
replaceable, or do I need a new meter movement.

If the later is the case, or, for that matter, if I can get inside the meter
itself, *and* if I do the shunt mod, is there an appropriately scaled meter
or label available?

Also, the buttons are colored, but should they be lit, too?


Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC
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