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Subject: Re: [Amps] Alpha 78 Labels/upgrades
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Some time ago I looked at the Alpha amplifier meters from that era. I had a
bad multimeter in a 78. From what I could understand at the time the
movements were made by Modutec, I think they are now part of Jewell
Instruments. The range that are used in the Alpha amplifiers have a semi
translucent back plate that the lamps mounted behind can illuminate. The
scale appears to be silk screened or etched onto the plastic back plate
directly. In the case of the 78 plate current meter a way to add a scale
without otherwise compromising the look of the meter or its ability to be
illuminated from behind would be to add a second scale below the original
one using rub on or maybe water slide decals. The numerals would need to be
quite fine not to look out of place but this might be a reasonable idea if
they will adhere to the oily plastic surface of the meter face.

Of more concern with these Alpha meters is the multi meter which has a power
reading scale that was added in red. This fades rapidly in sunlight and so
far there seems to be no known cure :(

Martin, HS0ZED

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Could you use some kind of solvent to remove the
ink from the original scale?   Then put the new one
on top of the old.

I have the same situation with an old Johnson
Ranger.   Haven't figured out how best to do it.

- Jim W4ENE

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