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[Amps] some more tetrode questions

Subject: [Amps] some more tetrode questions
From: Ed Heimbach <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 20:37:08 -0700 (PDT)
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A few weeks back I asked about reconnecting a 4-1000....
 Currently the amp is connected GG, both the screen and the grid strapped 
directly to the chassis.
Many differing viewpoints were offered on how I may increase the output of the 
amp, easiest being to raise the plate voltage.
 However, I have no budget for a new power supply.
 I believe I shall try this.
 Disconnect screen and grid straps,then place a 650 pF, 18kv doorknob cap 
between tube pin and ground.( why 650pF? because I have a bunch of them).
 Next is to connect bias and screen voltage at the tube socket. 
I will use a regulated bench supply for the bias, and a spare Hi volt supply 
(completely separate from the plate supply) for the screen.
 Plate supply is variable, up to 4.5kv.@3A (big iron from old A.M. station)
Cathode drive will be retained.
 Any comments? Any obvious faults to my logic?
73, AB3HT
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