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[Amps] Different amp recommendations

Subject: [Amps] Different amp recommendations
From: John Simmons <>
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2012 13:31:32 -0600
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I'm currently using a venerable Henry 2k-2 which runs a pair of 3-400s. 
The amp works well 80-10, putting out nearly 1500 watts with 100 watts 
drive from my K3.

I'm thinking of a different amp, something used but in good operating 
condition that covers the WARC bands and 160. I don't want solid state, 
and I'm completely happy tuning up the amp, so I don't need auto-tune. I 
want something that'll do 1500 watts continuous (I operate RTTY) and has 
a rugged tube(s) that are available if I need to replace them.

Please give your opinions. I've heard bad things about the Alpha 87 PIN 
diodes. I don't need QSK. What about the AL1500? Alpha 91 or 99?

John NI0K
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