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Re: [Amps] Different amp recommendations

Subject: Re: [Amps] Different amp recommendations
From: Rich <>
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2012 09:46:15 -0600
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I have owned many of the AL-82,  Al-1200,  AL-1500 series amps,, they 
all use the same
power supply and the same tank ckt.
did many tests on long time, high output . and found the amp is very 
good, for normal ham use
but running at 1300-1500 watts out for 10 -15 min the tank circuits got 
so hot the solder got soft.
asking any amp to do 1500 watts for 30 min. is asking a lot
that's why they most manufactures rate them as "intermittent amateur 
radio service" .
just my thought's

On 2/8/2012 12:29 AM, Jim Thomson wrote:
> Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 11:47:42 -0600
> From: Rob Atkinson<>
> Subject: Re: [Amps] Different amp recommendations
> I have doubts about the AL82 doing 1500 watts 100% duty cycle for very long.
> Knowing the p.s. in that amp you'll be right at its limit, right at
> the Ip limit of the tubes, right at or a bit above their maximum
> dissipation...
> It's a "legal limit" amp only because Ameritron heaped up the Ep.
> But you can call almost anything "legal limit" with no time factor considered.
> Your enemy is time.  do you want to go for 10 minutes or more at 1500
> w. on RTTY?   Do you want to be able to forget about the amp and not
> have to look at it nervously every 15 seconds to make sure it's okay?
> Personally, I like overbuilt stuff.
> you can beef up the AL-82 in some ways and settle for 1.2 or 1.3 KW,
> homebrew an amp or keep looking with more money.
> 73
> Rob
> K5UJ
> ##  let's do the jr high school maths.  The xfmr in the AL82/1200/1500  is
> rated at 1.8 kva CCS. [32 lb].   To get 1.5 kw out,  we require 1500/.6eff = 
> 2500w dc input.
> When those dahl xfmr's are maxed out, the temp rise is rated at 55 deg C over 
> a 40 deg C
> ambient.  That also factors in another 10 deg C deep inside the core..for 
> 'spot heating'.
> Deep inside the core, it will be 65 deg C over the outside 40 deg C ambient.
> Now 40 deg C = 104 deg F.   Now the hottest it will get, deep inside the
> core is 105 deg C  or  221 deg F....which is hot.
> On CW, with dashes at a 3.6:1  dash to dot ratio, this
> xfmr will be fine.  RTTY for hrs on end, yeah, I don't think so.  A 46 lb 
> dahl is only good for
> 2.7 kva CCS....and that would be the smallest  size I would use in a RTTY 
> contest.
> ## If ur eff is lousy on 10m, like 50%... now you require 3 kw dc input to 
> get 1.5 kw out.
> IMO, the initial  extra cost of a slightly heavier xfmr is well worth it.  
> You save nothing
> in the long run by under sizing pwr supply components OR tank components like 
> coils+
> bandswitch's, etc.  A bigger  xfmr not only runs cooler, it will also have 
> way better V regulation.
> IF you burn up a xfmr, it will have to be replaced with the 46+  lb unit 
> anyway, so now you
> not only didn't  "save"  any lost money !  IMO, build it [or buy 
> it]  like a tank,
> then never look back.
> Later... Jim  VE7RF
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