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JATKO:[CQ-Contest] X5 Prefix

Subject: JATKO:[CQ-Contest] X5 Prefix
From: Alex_van_Eijk_at_DPKO-UNAVEM@un.org (Alex_van_Eijk_at_DPKO-UNAVEM@un.org)
Date: Wed Jun 25 13:53:37 1997
>Subject: JATKO:[CQ-Contest] X5 Prefix
>Author:  "Klimoff Timo" <timo.klimoff@ktm.vn.fi> at internet
>X5's are pirates, because it is an unlegal prefix (like 1B).
>But for contest purposes, I have edited my CQWW.CTY file: X5 as YU. 
>Does anyone know if X5s have Yugoslavian license ??

If you want to "correct" it in your CQWW.CTY file, do it properly: X5 
equals T9. They should have Bosnian licenses.

What do they say? If you insist long enough with a lie, it becomes the 

73, Alex D25L (PA3DZN)

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