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[CQ-Contest] NAQP name handicap experiment

Subject: [CQ-Contest] NAQP name handicap experiment
From: aa7bg@3rivers.net (Matt)
Date: Wed Jan 15 21:55:11 2003
This thread reminds me of a SSB NAQP about 10 or so years ago. Who was the
sum-of-a-meech who was using the name Rumpelstilzchen? I ain't a kidding
you. I doubt he won the contest, but I have a feeling he frequents these
hallowed chambers.

I used 'Ed' in last weekends test from WC7CW because I have a brother-in-law
with that name and it's payback time. My QSL address for this test only is:
Ed Bumgardner/100 Vixen Ln....... Oh forget it, I guess I won't do that to
him, just yet. I'll wait for sweepstakes.

Matt--K7BG (possibly using the name "Zeitgeist" if I happen to get on in
this weekends Q party).

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Yes.  Having (and using) an unusual name in the NAQP is a frustrating

I can almost hear the backspace key strokes the other guy is hitting during
the silence following each time I send <blake>.

Blake N4GI

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