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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] e qsl
From: Bill Turner <dezrat1242@ispwest.com>
Date: Tue, 03 May 2005 10:01:28 -0700
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I understand your point of view Mal, and I respect your desire for maximum integrity of logs. Where we differ is on what constitutes a valid log entry. As I see it, a log with an invalid call sign is worse than no log at all. People make mistakes, and when the mistake can be rectified, it should be. I don't recommend making log changes willy-nilly, but when there is reasonable doubt of a log's entry and a reasonable means of correcting it, it should be done.

Bill, W6WRT


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At 09:53 AM 5/3/2005, N7MAL wrote:

Hi Bill: Yes it should not count even if you blew it. I've been at this almost 50 years so I go back to the time before computers. Over the years I've had cards returned marked not in the log when I'm 110% sure I worked the guy. In those days the excuse was "couldn't read my handwriting", today it is "I typed it wrong". No matter what the excuse it is still not a match. The log is the final determining authority and that is one of the reasons I'm so 'high' on LOTW. Once we start post-editing logs whether they be contest or expeditions then we have begun a slide down a slippery slope. If we begin questioning the integrity of the log then contest wins and DXCC become meaningless. In the modern age of cabrillo and LOTW if I get a contest certificate or DXCC it's real, it has integrity because the logs match.
If it doesn't match it's not a contact.

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