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[CQ-Contest] Busted Calls

To: Bill Turner <dezrat1242@ispwest.com>
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Busted Calls
From: "Kenneth E. Harker" <kenharker@kenharker.com>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 15:44:55 -0700
List-post: <mailto:cq-contest@contesting.com>
On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 07:15:51AM -0700, Bill Turner wrote:
> What counts as close? Two things are required, IMO:
> 1. I am convinced the QSO did take place (correct time, date, band and mode)
> -and-
> 2. The mistake in copying the call was mine, and no fault of the other 
> station.
> Do you really think the other station should be punished for MY error? 
> Doesn't seem right to me.

That's basically the same standard as contest log checking.  If you bust
the other station's call or exchange, but they record all of the QSO details
correctly, the other station still gets credit for the contact.

The only difference with DX logs and contest logs is that a human is making
those judgements in the DX log, whereas a computer algorithm is making the 
judgements in the contest log.

Kenneth E. Harker WM5R

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