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Re: [CQ-Contest] arrl dx ssb spotting report

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] arrl dx ssb spotting report
From: "Contester Extraordinaire .j.j" <juiceman50@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2006 22:13:01 +0000
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I'm seeing a pattern here with one station that is starting to be disturbing. Maybe this needs to be addressed by ARRL....

From K1TTT's 2006 ARRL DX SSB spot report:
in the 'why bother' catagory:

dxsummit spots for ka1lmr:
IK2CFG-@:       14195   KA1LMR  CQ CONTEST
F6FDW-@:        14195   KA1LMR  TEST NH
I2DFI-@:        14195   KA1LMR  TEST  

the ip address is from comcast northeast or boston area.

From K1TTT's 2005 CQ WPX spot report:

------------------------------------------------------------------------- i get it, make a few spots for someone else and hope that throws me off the scent. sorry, got a new dog with a good nose!

Freq            spotter dx              comment         ip
21335           LU4EE-@:        KA1LMR  WPX           
28448.9 JF1EHM-@:       LT2H            contest
21337           LU4EE-@:        KA1LMR  WPX           
28448.9 JF1EHM-@:       LT2H            contest
21337           LU4EE-@:        KA1LMR  WPX           
21337.o PY7JE-@:        KA1LMR  wpx           
3828.1  0M8A-@: KA1LMR  wpx           
3828.1  Z36W-@: KA1LMR  LISTENING 3716.0
3828.3  YU7AV-@:        KA1LMR  listening 3714
3828.9  IK5DNU-@:       KA1LMR  LISTENING 3711.0
3829            I2UYG-@:        KA1LMR  listening 3711
21203           0M5A-@: KA1LMR  WPX           
21203           I5DUD-@:        KA1LMR  WPX           
21247.6 S53A-@: KA1LMR  WPX           
21247.6 YU7AV-@:        KA1LMR  WPX           
14342.8 DL1YL-@:        KA1LMR  WPX           
14158.4 DL1TU-@:        KA1LMR  WPX           
14170           EA4TS-@:        KA1LMR  WPX           
28476           K2EVY-@:        V44KJ
14168.9 F5FDX-@:        KA1LMR  WPX           
28476           K2EVY-@:        V44KJ
14168.9 F5FDX-@:        KA1LMR  WPX           

he has logged into my node as himself:
2/22/2005 12:44Z  Logging out user KA1LMR (
2/22/2005 12:13Z  Logging in user KA1LMR (

NetRange: - NetName: RW2-NORTHEAST-1 OrgTechName: Comcast Cable Communications Inc

from a third party with good eyes:

Today I was connected to your node when I saw a spot from I5DUD.
I know that this callsign does not exists (I0DUD is silent key) so I typed
"sh/dx ka1lmr" and here is what I got:

21203.0  KA1LMR      1646Z  WPX                        K <I5DUD>
21203.0  KA1LMR      1643Z  WPX                        K <0M5A>
 3829.0  KA1LMR      0550Z  listening 3711             K <I2UYG>
 3828.3  KA1LMR      0516Z  listening 3714             K <YU7AV>
 3828.1  KA1LMR      0448Z  LISTENING 3716.0           K <Z36W>
 3828.0  KA1LMR      0434Z                             K <NQ4I>

I2UYG doesn't exists too while 0M5A is a busted callsign. Both YU7AV and
Z36W are good callsigns (I guess).

from the single spotter spots:
Spotter FromNode        Dx              Freq            Comment
I5DUD           dxsummit        KA1LMR  21203           WPX
LU4EE           dxsummit        KA1LMR  21335           WPX
DL1YL           dxsummit        KA1LMR  14342.8 WPX
S53A            dxsummit        KA1LMR  21247.6 WPX


From K1TTT's 2005 ARRL DX SSB spot report:
only 3 spots, did that really help so much?

F6HIA-@:        21245           KA1LMR  NH    
PA7AZW-@:       21236.5 KA1LMR  NH CQ TEST
PA7AZW-@:       14244           KA1LMR  NH CQ TEST

OrgName:    Comcast Cable Communications Holdings, Inc
OrgID:      CCCH-3
Address:    1800 Bishops Gate Blvd
City:       Mt Laurel
StateProv:  NJ


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