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[CQ-Contest] "?" not equal to "QRL?"

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] "?" not equal to "QRL?"
From: "James Cain" <cainjim@mindspring.com>
Reply-to: James Cain <cainjim@mindspring.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 09:35:48 -0400
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When I was a big-time CW traffic handler in high school, after each message 
sent the receiving operator would send one DIT to indicate he'd received it and 
was ready for the next one. Efficiency was everything. (I learned this from 
W0BDR, who was blind -- he typed and read his messages on a Braille writer, 
sent with a bug, and never, ever made a mistake or asked for a fill. Sort of a 
cyber operator.) 

Today, contesting is ham radio's efficiency showcase. So, I may change my 
procedure. To check if a frequency is in use I could just send one DIT. This 
would reduce my electricity bill. 

On a related subject, now that full break in (QSK) is built into most rigs, why 
not just continuously send "CQ TEST K1TN QSK" and wait for someone to send a 
DIT? Think of the wear and tear this would save on the F1 key.

jim cain, K1TN/9

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