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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest bashers
From: Dennis OConnor <ad4hk2004@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 09:30:31 -0800 (PST)
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A few comments on 75/80 meters...
 Having just finished CQWW, SO, 80, LP I noted a few things... As a low power 
station I generally cannot hold a frequency against the loud HP stations so I 
do a lot of S&P all over the band...
 I noted a few USA ops working DX well below 3750 (if 3610 is well below)...  
One in particular was working his way up and down 80 meters... The DX sounded a 
bit puzzled but gave him the Q... Another station (no call) advised the USA op 
that he was out of band, but a few minutes later he was still working DX up the 
band so he had made a decision to pad his score no matter what... I could have 
added at least 3 countries and a zone within minutes had I been willing to do 
the same...
 In pondering this turn of events it occurred to me that a sea change is upon 
the DX, which I suspect many DX ops have not noticed as yet... 
 There seemed to be an increase this year in DX ops staying below 3750 and 
working only other DX stations...  This is cozy for them... Has low QRM, and 
allows them to alter the outcome of the contest by padding only other DX 
scores..  This will change next year when screaming hordes of US ops are all 
over their playground...

Another sea change will be our relationship with Canadian ops... They consider 
it their right to have a phone segment exclusive of americans... There will be 
much weeping and wailing the day the USA ops are turned loose...
Then the non phone ops are going to be up in arms... CW, RTTY, packet, PSK, 
other digi, will be unhappy once the phone stations are all over the lower part 
of the band... The FCC and ARRL have not heard the last of it despite the fine 
rhetoric used in announcing the expansion of the phone band... I expect 
frequency wars, including auto robots being turned loose...
 denny / k8do
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