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Re: [CQ-Contest] renewing the 10 meter contest

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] renewing the 10 meter contest
From: Jimk8mr@aol.com
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 20:13:37 EST
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With the many puny weak signals this weekend, I would have felt very  
comfortable exchanging grid squares, just like in a VHF contest. 
As is often the case on 6 meters, a 1000 mile qso is often no big deal but  a 
500 mile one is. Lots of TX heard and worked here in Ohio this weekend,  but 
not much from KY or NC or WI. Giving points based on distance is not  
necessarily a good idea on 10 (or 6) meters. 
I don't know if it is being given any consideration by the people in  charge, 
but in a recent RTTY contest survey the question was being asked if  RTTY/D
igital should be added as an additional mode in the ARRL 10 meter  contest.
73  -  Jim  K8MR
In a message dated 12/9/2007 5:36:28 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
asnp3d@gmail.com writes:

I  completely agree, this is a good element.
We are using Grid locators in  Makrothen Contest in RTTY.
Very interesting, realistic and fun as well. You  have to listen to what you
are getting.
599 or 59 are obsolete, for a  long time.
After the Contest, you can calculate lots of things such as:  longest
distance QSO's on each band, average length etc.

This is a  good idea, I go for it. And not only in ARRL Ten meters.

73's Andrei  NP3D/W2 (FN30 FN30)

2007/12/9, Paul J. Piercey  <p.piercey@nl.rogers.com>:
> QSO distance seems like a  good element to determine point value. I like
> the
> grid square  as "part" of the exchange but it is a mostly static value,
> similar to  zones or sections. I feel there should always be some variable
> element  that requires a non-automatic response in any contest exchange.
>  Perhaps the callsign of the last guy you worked. And dispense with the
>  RS(T)
> as it is meaningless.
> As an example, if I worked  N2BJ before I worked you, my exchange to you
> would be "N7DF GN37  N2BJ".
> Just a thought.
> 73 -- Paul  VO1HE

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