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Re: [CQ-Contest] AD1C & K5ZD Receive Awards

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] AD1C & K5ZD Receive Awards
From: "Randy Thompson" <k5zd@charter.net>
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 23:35:19 -0000
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I am flattered and honored.  As a ham radio contester since my teens, I have
never been designed a "Cool Guy" before!

Recognition for the audio streaming and recording should go to Dave Pascoe,
KM3T.  It was his experience with live streaming of air traffic controllers
(he runs www.liveatc.net) that provided the inspiration and infrastructure
to make it happen.

The recordings for CQWW Phone 2007 are posted at www.k5zd.com/live/wwph07/
I hope to have the CQWW CW recordings up there within the next week or so.

Ham radio contesting is filled with smart guys who have a lot of passion for
the hobby and the sport. This same competitive drive and focus on excellence
often carries over into other parts of their lives.  Contesting is all the
better for it!

Randy, K5ZD

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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] AD1C & K5ZD Receive Awards
> A while back I suggested that Randy, K5ZD, should get an 
> award for his contributions to Contest Education by 
> posting/sharing not only his contest audio files, but also 
> the corresponding log snippets.  What a great SO2R 
> learning/practice tool for SO2R Noobs.
> I have put my money where my mouth was, and just bestowed a 
> practical award to not only Randy, but also one to Jim, AD1C, 
> for his consistent contribution in maintaining the CTY files 
> for all contesters to use.
> Accordingly, two "Locust Cool Contest Guy" Awards for 2007 in 
> the form of NCJ Subscriptions (one-year renewal extensions at 
> First Class since Randy & Jim already subscribe) have just 
> been paid for at the ARRL.
> The "Locust Cool Contest Guy" award may become an annual 
> end-of-year event, however Contest Cheaters and LIDS are not 
> eligible to be even remotely considered.
> Tnx again, Randy & Jim, for your contributions to the 
> Contesting Community.
> 73 & HNY.
> Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
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