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Re: [CQ-Contest] SPRINT Contest Format

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] SPRINT Contest Format
From: "Tom Osborne" <w7why@verizon.net>
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 12:40:27 -0800
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Hi Kelly

Well, yes and no.  It is an advantage because a big gun station can't just 
sit on a frequency and run.  When the little guy does make a contact, he is 
sure that he is going to make another one because there is someone waiting 
to call  him when he finishes.  I would say that a lot of the time, there is 
only one or 2 stations calling when a Q is finished, not a big pileup every 

I am very definately a 'little pistol' station and the Sprint is one of my 
favorite contests.  I look forward to the Thursday night practice sessions 
where I can hone my Sprint skills.

Even with my small station, I can make 40+ Q's in 30 minutes when conditions 
warrant.  Some guys can do 50-60 Q's in 1/2 hour.  K7SS does 50-60 with a 
hand keyer and paper log :-)

And, the NS Sprint practice sessions all are run at 100 watts or less, 
unless we are practicing for a specific contest.

This is one contest where you can really practice your SO2R skills.  You can 
look at the scores on 3830 and see who is really good at SO2R (no, I don't 
want a separate catagory for SO2R op's).  73 and HNY for 2008.

Kelly wrote:

> I just don't see the QSY rule as necessarily being an advantage for Little
> Pistols. Nor do I think it should be.
> 73 kelly
> Ve4xt

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