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Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQWW Survey
From: Toivo Hallikivi <toivo.hallikivi@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 19:49:01 -0100
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I don't read the reflector daily and I seem to have missed the big pile-up
of postings on the survey-subject. After spending a lot of time reading
them and after completing the survey myself I must say I hoped to find the
question and a discussion on another subject about CQWW - "Should CQWW
single operator entries be allowed to operate the full 48 hours or a
limited amount of time, e.g. 36 hours like CQWPX or WAE?"

I don't have a big station and I often participate in CQWW as part of a
multi-operator team but as years go by, every time I'm about to enter a
48-hour contest as a single op I have to ask myself if the fame and glory
of a decent contest score is worth risking my health? I don't know if there
has been a specific medical study on this but my uneducated guess is that
48 hours of sleep deprivation combined with a certain level of stress and
almost complete immobility has to have some sort of negative impact on a
human body. My gut feeling is that the average age of active contesters has
been raising steadily, therefore it would be really interesting to know how
many operators are actually out there that really can and will operate the
full 48 hours.

For me the question is not that much about if I can do it for 48 hours
straight but more of do I want to. I wonder if I'm the only "fat and lazy"

73's, Toivo, ES2RR (and my hat's off to all those ironmen who still can and
want to do it 48 hours non-stop)
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