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Re: [RFI] Solar Panel Manufacture Schedules Fix For Solar Panel RFI

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Solar Panel Manufacture Schedules Fix For Solar Panel RFI
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Date: Wed, 16 May 2018 21:53:33 -0700
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"PVC conduit does nothing, and twisting kills only the differential component. Only steel conduit provides shielding. And where it leaves the shielded partition, there must be a common mode choke."

I see PVC as water pipe, although I do see it used in electrical, personally, I don't care for it, I've seen too much of it broken. I planned to use EMT. I'll take you information and run with it.

I have replaced most of the lights in the house with LED bulbs. So far, the only place I have heard RFI is in the FM broadcast band, in FM mode receivers, which being out in the desert, and FM stations being weak, is an actual problem. The noise rolls off, but is still noticeable in the VHF Airband, in AM, so I need to figure out how to eliminate VHF RFI in the AC circuits, which carry the RFI throughout the house, and allows it to radiate for a few feet from the wiring.

I played with clamp-on ferrite for VHF, with minimal success, and also played with various power-line filters, for various portions of the spectrum, in each case, those made things worse. For example, an LED bulb on a line-cord, RFI to a certain degree. An LED bulb, then filter at the bulb, then line-cord, RFI increased many times over in strength.



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