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[SD-User] S&P operation

Subject: [SD-User] S&P operation
From: Lars Nordgren <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 21:32:21 +0100
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I must say that SD work beautifully! Well, as long as I treat it right.

Clear inputs, like Paul says: Use the minus sign.
Send own call: Works fine in the call field. But when I work a worked
station in a new band, I have to look out. E g in the REF Contest,
HADXC, ARRLDX, SPDXC etc, with fixed msg from them, the msg will show
up filled in. But then I have F5!  TGFF5!

Another observation. 
I use an ASUS netbook. While the KB is so small I have tried an extra
USB-KB. But if I write the entries while I'm transmitting (like in SSB)
all of sudden the cursor and the characters can start jumping around.
RF in the system I believe. The KB is difficult to ground. Any hints?
In cw - no problems.

73 from underneath two feet of snow and minus 23C

Lars sm0oy

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