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Filters and things...

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Subject: Filters and things...
From: vhatley@usa.pipeline.com (Vernon A. Hatley)
Date: Wed, 1 May 1996 10:40:46 -0400
Well, after using this Omni V for a few weeks now, I can say without a
doubt it is the finest radio I have ever had the pleasure of operating.   
Many of you out there had told me the virtues of running a 1.8 and .500
filters cascaded together for CW work.  Okay, I've tried this; what is the
advantage?  I have found myself using the .250 on crowded bands instead of
the .500 & .500 combo.   
Basicly what I am asking is this; (remember I'm a new HAM); how does the
two filters (1st and 2nd IF) work together?  Where does the passband tuning
fit into this picture?  Is the passband tuning in between the two IF's?  I
have learned how to separate two signals coming thru the filters using the
passband tuning; but how does it work? 
The manual also doesn't do a very good job of explaining the BP/Fade
control either.  The way I understand these knobs, they are some sort of
audio passband tuning; is this correct?  I've learned with these knobs I
can take a lot of background noise and hiss out of the signal; but how do
they work? 
The notch filter just eliminates hetrodynes; right? 
Well, this should give someone something to write about.  I just hate not
knowing how something works.  Thanks. 
KK5RO                            Butternut Vertical 
Vernon A. Hatley              OHR Explorer II 40M 
QRP-L #325                     Ten-Tec Omni V 
Kent Paddles

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