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[TenTec] Downsizing

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Subject: [TenTec] Downsizing
From: wa2pvk@msn.com (WILLIAM MANSEY)
Date: Sat Aug 16 00:17:34 2003
Greetings to everyone,
    I have been downsizing my station recently and am now prepared to take the 
next step in this process.  I am am not losing interest in Ham Radio.  I am 
just going through a "reality check" and the reality is that the Orion is 
simply too much radio for me.  
    I will possibly regret this later BUT I am going to sell it anyway.  FIRST: 
 I will state that the rig is TRULY in "like new" condition and has not seen 
any excessive use.  It has not been moved off my desk since I got it and this 
is a smoke free environment.
    My Orion has the internal antenna tuner and all of the optional roofing 
filters.  I have the original box, packing materials, manual, cables and other 
items that came with the rig.  I am also including a Model 705 desk microphone 
that is also in like new condition.
    My decision to sell the Orion is VERY recent and I have not even decided on 
a price yet.  The Orion cost just shy of $4000.00 and I do realize that I am 
going to be hurt a bit by selling it.  I just do not want to require the 
services of a TRAUMA CENTER due to this sale.  
    I will accept REASONABLE offers while contemplating a fair (to you and me) 
price for this rig.
    There is NOTHING wrong with the rig.  It has the latest firmware and is in 
perfect operating condition.  As I said previously;  It is just TOO MUCH radio 
for me!  I am more of a casual operator and am quite happy with an "Old 
Fashioned" rig like a Paragon II or Omni VI.
    ALSO for sale is my remaining 6N2 rig.  I do not have a decent 6 meter 
antenna or room to put one up.  I also use my HT for most communications on 2 
meters.  I want to get $525.00 (including shipping CONUS) for that.  
    Please reply directly. Thanks and 73, Bill

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