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[TenTec] Downsizing

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Subject: [TenTec] Downsizing
From: wa2pvk@msn.com (WILLIAM MANSEY)
Date: Sat Aug 16 11:57:30 2003
Hello Bill,
    I am very pleased to hear that you are really enjoying the Argonaut V.  It 
really is a great little rig and it definitely has BIG rig performance.  The 
6N2 is in very good condition also.  There may be a tiny scuff mark on the top 
cover - back where the "breathing holes" are located.  Other than that - the 
rig looks as good as YOUR Argo.  The rig is also in perfect operating 
condition.  I will hold the 6N2 until I hear from you, either way, and this is 
NOT a problem.
    I really do like the Orion. (who wouldn't?)  The rig is just too much radio 
for me and my casual operating style.  I can not justify having that much money 
tied up in something that I can do without.
    I will let you in on a big contributing factor in my decision to sell the 
Orion.  I am NOT, however, going to mention it on the Reflector. (not 
specifically at any rate)   Do you recall the posting, several weeks ago, of a 
Paragon II station for sale?  I noticed it but did not inquire until at least a 
week later.  Surprisingly enough - - - the rig was still available!  To make a 
long story short - I purchased that equipment and was as pleased with it as you 
were when you got the Argo,  The rig and power supply came packed in their 
original boxes, with original packing material, and looked as if they had come, 
NEW, directly from Ten-Tec.  The equipment is immaculate!  I still can not 
believe my "luck" in getting it.
    Got to go see to lunch preparations.  73 for now,  Bill

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