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[TenTec] Downsizing

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Subject: [TenTec] Downsizing
From: wa2pvk@msn.com (WILLIAM MANSEY)
Date: Sat Aug 16 13:45:53 2003
Hello Again,
    The 6N2 is on "hold" for a while, due to a serious inquiry.  I have not 
changed my mind about selling the Orion although I did get into a heated 
discussion with myself about this matter!  Fortunately this argument did not 
escalate to the point where the threat of physical violence became a real 
concern!  :-)  
    I have not had any responses from anyone making an offer and suspect that 
whomever IS interested is waiting for me to make the first "move".  So be it.
    A new Orion costs $3,300.00 without any "Extras".  The tuner, 3 optional 
roofing filters, and a desk microphone add another $700.00 to that price.  I am 
going to ASK for $3,300.00 for my Orion.  This includes all the options listed 
above AND shipping CONUS.  This price seems quite fair - especially from my 
"side" of the price!  I will consider all reasonable offers.  I will keep track 
of the order in which I receive them and that will be a consideration.  
    Still embarrassed but not as red.  73, Bill

PS:  Let this be a lesson to remind all of you to check the "TO" line before 
sending messages.  I "knew" but still got catched! (or is that caughted?)

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