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Subject: RE: [TenTec] subject added...rig specs
From: "NJ0IP" <Rick@dj0ip.de>
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Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 22:19:57 -0700
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Bob, yours is a very different rig than what some of us want.  Physically,
yours is going to end up being closer to the size of the Jupiter.  You make
it far to complex. Like someone else already said, similar to the strategy
of the Scout.  KISS.

 I don't want a P.S. (don't always need it) or AT (don't always need it)
built in because I want the rig to be reasonably small.  And when I need a
matchbox, it usually must be one which has a broader tuning range than any
rig's built-in matchbox.  Matchbox and P.S. can be checked (on flights), but
I prefer to hand-carry the transceiver.  That's why it needs to be small -
yet not so small that it is difficult to operate.  I find the K2 hard on the
boarder of being too small.  Which reminds me, "Must have passband tuning"
(since the K2 does not).  I certainly would welcome an improved D.C. power
connecter.  AND PLEASE A USB2 INTERFACE (instead of RS232).  Or better yet,
give it a NIC which is probably more future-proof than both the USB2 and

Rick (still dreaming)

My ideal traveling rig.

HF plus 6.
Carry handle
Adj 10 > 100W efficient use of power at all levels.
Quality speech processor.
CW, full QSK, built in memory keyer.
Built in universal power supply with BIG wingnuts for attaching battery
and ground.
Built in MANUAL antenna match and big wingnut for attaching wire (like the
marine rigs that have a big insulator and an SO-239)
Airplane luggage rack size with covers for front and rear and rugged
enough case and
covers that it could be checked baggage without additional packaging.
Waterproof case!
space inside for storing keys, logs, antenna wire, some feed line,
Split ops with TWO freq indicators that can be red in full sun or in the
Accessory power on the front panel for a LED type reading lamp and
notebook PeeCee.
Two headphone with separate volume control and two key jacks.
Good filters and band pass tuning.


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