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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Filter Question
From: "Donald Watters" <dwatters@ns.sympatico.ca>
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Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 14:17:25 -0300
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Hi Jay -

I have one of those low thru-put 282 filters in my Paragon II.  Greatly
appreciate your passing this info along.  I have the capacitors here to
correct the problem and will do it.

Now and then a bit of really useful info comes along.....Thank you.

73 -  Don  -  VE1BN

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Subject: [TenTec] Filter Question

> All,
> I supposedly have in my possession, a TT282 filter that I have serious
> doubts about.  When placed in My Corsair II, there is a considerable
> decrease in audio level when the filter is selected.  Adjusting the tuning
> does not improve the audio level.
> I purchased another 282 filter and tested it in my Corsair and the
> difference between the 2 filters is night and day.  The "good" filter 
> shows
> no heard decrease in CW signal.  In fact, it provides a very pleasant
> listening experience.
> What I have found is that there is a very pronounced difference in the
> capacitor values between the two 282 filters.  If it is not a real pain,
> would someone check the capacitor values on their 282 filter.  This is the
> capacitor info that I have:
> "GOOD" working 282 filter:
> 110pF
> 330pf
> 510pF
> 560pF
> 510pF
> 330pF
> 110pF
> "QUESTIONABLE" non-working 282 filter:
> 180pF
> 430pF
> 680pF
> 680pF
> 680pF
> 430pF
> 180pF
> What I find interesting is that the filter I have doubts about has 8025
> stamped on the top of on crystal and 282 stamped another.  Looking at the
> solder joints on the bottom of the board, all appear to be original with 
> no
> repairs, mods, or fixes.  I guess that variations in crystals from one run
> to another would require variations in capacitors to set the filter width.
> Does that mean that TT had to hand tinker with the filters for the 
> Corsairs
> and Omins??
> I will probably send the non-working filter to TT for repair.  Thanks in
> advance for any help or suggestions.
> Jay
> Mobile, AL
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